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BT (British Telecom) sucks.

Posted by DrJam - August 18th, 2010

BT (British Telecom) are the worse ISP in the country. I used to be able to get just over 4mb, now I can't even get anywhere near 2mb plus at peek times they throttle pretty much anything that isn't used in your web browser. NG movies take ages to load, everything takes ages to load. Bittorrent forget it as that is throttled to 3KB max at peek times (yeah 3KB. What can you do with that?!). Can't wait to get off this terrible ISP. Hey look there is a website exposing more of their major suckage.

Our country is stuck with really bad internet speeds because of this really bad ISP. Virgin media have a FTTC network that covers about 51% of the country and BT have only just started their own fiber network that still isn't as good. The funny thing is BT has got a load of money from the government to make their network and they are not putting it in the places that don't have fast internet speeds. Shouldn't government money be used for places that these companys don't want to upgrade? You got a nice scam going on here BT. Wasn't the privatisation of British Telecom so they wouldn't need government money . yeah nice going.

Update - 26th may:
ok this is really funny. This is the speed I can get on my mobile phone and this is the speed I get with BT (British telecom)

Update - 14th June
Hahaha. Even Newgrounds staff dislike BT. check out this post

BT (British Telecom) sucks.

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Most of this audio reviews are abusive. Right?
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So why are you telling me this? you trying to get me to flag ok reivews?

100% acc depositing, pro.

You haven't stopped depositing, never ever.

Lmfao, I have BT too.

It fucking sucks..

Grats on becoming the #1 blammer.

hey thanks

Depositing every day for six and a half years...

Yeah,just f**k their a** up.THEY F**KIN' SUCK!!!

I Have BT too, ;(

Hopefully they will hurry up with BT Infinity. Thinking of new blog post as I don't like this one on my main page.

70,000+ blams

Holy cow. You are my hero. I just moved into the top 1000 blam/protect, and no idea how far ahead people were than me. So many days I logged in just to deposit, I am a lowly Staff Sgt lol

So tell me, on the constant flow of copycat dress up girl games, do you just vote 2 and move on to the next submission? I mean they are going to pass anyway, ma as well not even try giving the stupid crap a loow score or review.

People as dedicated as you to for watching the portal are what makes NG great.