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Nice, I was wondering if somebody would make a submission about flash players last day.

Poor quality but I like these kind of movies

I didn't find the jokes funny but I would say some were "enjoyable" mainly because of how they were backed up by just shoving in some music at the end of the clip.
Hmm, I feel like I might be giving this a score that is too high. The only thing that keeps this flash standing is the overuse of quotes from movies. But I know I am a sucker for loud, unexpected, random in your face jokes that are just slapped together. So, that is what I got from this flash and why you're getting a fairly decent score.


Maybe you guys could add a menu that allows you to skip to each authors part in the movie. Also add something as simple as a background to the questions in the quiz... I mean its just a few buttons and text!

Hey cool, you got Yoshi-1up in this one.

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What does play mean these days?

Sorry but these games where you click play then it opens some other website are just annoying. If I like the game I may go to your website, why does everyone try to force this? Looks like we are starting to see a new trend.

It would be nice if I could play it

It's not letting me play it because it says I have ad block software. Maybe there isn't a game to play? you know, file size 9.5 KB.

Nice but

The text at the begining is too long and should of made a skip button. Why hide the mouse? Are you trying to annoy me! Just move it off the window and you will see what I am on about. when playing the tank didnt turn well but using the mouse to fire was cool in a way but nothing to new. Throughout the whole game games of gondor in the buttom right!! Do you know how sick I am of that website?!! you lost a few points for that :)

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