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Neighbours think they own the place

Posted by DrJam - December 28th, 2011

So one of my neighbours put this note on my car complaining that I haven't moved it for a while...

Neighbours think they own the place

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Turn the car around - the note will have been fulfilled, because you will have moved the car. They should have been specific and asked you to park somewhere else.

Since you live there tell them to cram that note up their cram hole. You're in your spot and not bothering anyone else, so why should they bother you.

Coop is clever indeed.

Car facing the opposite direction + Note saying "Sure thing" = Pure win

Justo be sure, do you live in Canada? My parents once left a note on someone's car because they were parked at the end of our dirveway inhibiting our entry and exit of our driveway.

Maybe the intended target took the note off his/her vehicle and placed it on yours...

Oh, and congrats on being the highest user with a perfect 100% daily deposit rate!

wow what assholes, they cant even spell

Boo hoo, stick it where it fits.

Never a dull day in your neighbourhood ;)

Your car has an interesting texture...

Weird. If it's where you live you need to park there. You could take your car out for a day, but as soon as you go home you'll have to park it in the same place anyway. So what's the point? The person who wrote this note doesn't think logically.

...don't park there? XD

Where else would you park it? In the pool?

"I don't think its been here quite long enough. I think i'll just leave this here." "Piss off mind your own business." "no" "first come first serve" "What the f#%& did you just f*&king say about me, you little b!7@#? I’ll have you know I graduated top of my class in the Navy Seals, etc.." < funny meme if you dont know it look it up. "I need to park here too, you know considering i live here and all, so I think I'll just leave it here." =D that could possibly be some notes to either put on your own car or leave on theirs. You could do what COOP said and just turn it around every once in a while. OR you could just possibly catch a laugh from this considering im commenting on this around 2 years too late.. my bad.

Those are bitchy ass neighbors.

i hope its still parked there

Is it still parked? I've gotta know.